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Maison Pebe Wild Garlic & Herb* Infused Oil

Updated: Apr 29, 2020


200g wild garlic

200ml of good quality extra virgin Olive Oil (I am loving Nunez De Prado Olive Oil at the moment)

Small bunch of fresh either *coriander/ basil / dill / Parsley / tarragon / oregano / sage /marjoram / chives depending on your dish

Good pinch of Maldon sea salt

You will need a bowl of iced water and a blender


Wash the wild garlic and blanch in boiling water for 1 minute remove from the boiling water and place straight into the bowl of iced water.

Once cooled roughly chop the wild garlic and herb of choice and add to the blender, slowly blend and gradually add the olive oil while blending until all the olive oil is in the blender. Keep blending until a green liquid is achieved.

Now strain through a sieve and pour into a bottle with an oil drizzler or a saucing bottle

Et Voila

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